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Alex Miller has known from a very early age growing up in the suburbs of NJ his future involved art. His formal studies took him to the University of Maryland, (where all children from NJ who want to go to a big school not named Rutgers attend), participating in the Artist Scholars program.

His formal education is littered with critiques such as “this piece is nothing more than fraternity-mumbo-jumbo” and “if these colors could talk, they would cry.” Obviously, these professors were morons and didn’t know what they were talking about. Obviously.

His family and friends have been incredibly more encouraging throughout life though and without their support, Alex could not imagine where he’d be. He is thankful for such a wonderful group of people surrounding him.

Only recently has he become comfortable in his own artistic skin, and proud to share the madness in his mind with you. His style, interests and influences constantly change; something he welcomes as it breaks up the monotony that can afflict an attention deficit brain.

He now resides in Hyattsville, MD, a proud participant city in the Maryland Arts District, with his amazingly patient wife Megan and their amazingly lazy dog Snoopy.